Leading travel tech companies on a journey to success

Our goal is to develop a portfolio of Israeli and international companies specializing in the fields of tourism, travel Tech and the hotel industry that have reached an advanced stage of technological development.

Spring VenturesOur investment objective is to seek long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio, while taking advantage of technology-based platforms, global market trends and our expertise. Spring Ventures was party to the largest e-commerce transaction ever in Israel, when it sold its online commerce activities to the Azrieli Group in May 2016 for ILS 80 million (about $22,000,000). The main activities of the company are devoted to investments in the fields of Technology and the Internet, investing in both private and public companies.
FattalIsrael’s largest hospitality organization, with hotels distributed throughout the country. With more than 200 hotels in 20 countries and as owners and managers of “Leonardo”, a leading European hotel brand. Operated in accordance with concepts that are as innovative as they are varied, enabling guests to best manage their vacation time in ways that suit them best.
Nadav Fattal
Nadav Fattal
VP Marketing Fattal hotels group
Nadav has accumulated more than 10 years of experience focusing on digital marketing for the Fattal Group, heading the chain’s digital marketing effort and developing fruitful technological products and platforms. While working in digital marketing as a whole, Nadav has specialized in working with start-ups in particular and is experienced in developing new products and companies.
Aviv Refuah
Aviv Refuah
Founder & CEO at Spring Venture
A prodigy who established and directed his first company nearly two decades ago, at the age of 18, and has never slowed down, Aviv Refuah is one of Israel’s first and most experienced Tech entrepreneurs, with a proven track record in recognizing technological trends and turning them into opportunities. Much of his work until now has focused on e-commerce and the potential inherent in online sales platforms.
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